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eFront Development

The open source has received accolades for its user-friendliness, intuitive design and technical innovations. We staff seasoned web professionals who can implement eFront for your organization, configure it to meet your specifications and even teach your team how to leverage the LMS effectively. And for a low monthly fee, we can maintain your system so it continues running smoothly.

Vibidsoft providing eFront Development Services to our clients. The eFront LMS has a community edition, which is free, and three premium versions (eFront Community++, eFront Educational and eFront Enterprise). The platform is used by many high-profile corporations and educational institutions globally as well as small and mid-sized enterprises. If you’re unsure which eFront edition best suits your needs, our LMS experts can help you make the right choice. Whether you need eFront set up for thousands of users or under a dozen.


Efront Development services:

  • Customization
  • Theme Design
  • CMS Integration
  • Hire Dedicated Efront Resource


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