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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

At vibidsoft, Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal with every project, We are proud to have worked with clients from all over the world. When we finish a project some of our clients are kind enough to share their experiences and thoughts about our services. Clients feedbacks is like a award for us and it motivates us to deliver the best solutions. Please check what our clients says regarding our services and support we have provided. A ‘big thanks’ to all who took the time to write these!

What is Vibidsoft?

Vibidsoft is an offshore Information & Technology solutions company providing real world IT solutions on a global basis. These solutions include website design, development and implementation, e-commerce solutions, e-learning solutions, web based applications, SEO, SMO, etc. Our salient features include -

  • Strong vertical focus
  • 100+ Satisfied Clients World Wide
  • Expertise in handling Large Complex Projects
  • 20+ countries served
  • Major focus on US, Canada, UK, and Australia
  • 80% Repeat Client ratio

Where is vibidsoft base of location and timezone?

Vibidsoft has its centre of operation in Ahmedabad, India. Ahmedabad is and up and coming city and is developing into a major IT hub.Our timezone is +5:30 GMT.

Does vibidsoft offer paid support contracts?

Yes, Vibidsoft premium support at extremely competitive rates. We believe in maximum customer satisfaction and provide extensive support after completion. Our support charges differ based on the project size and specifications. Clients are welcome to inquire regarding our support package once the project size and scope is analyzed.

What is your project development methodology?

Every project is unique and requires a fresh approach, but most projects pass through the following project development cycle:

  • Step 1: Requirement Gathering and Analysis
  • Step 2: Consulting for the Right Solution
  • Step 3: Wire framing and Designing
  • Step 4: Development
  • Step 5: Testing & QA
  • Step 6: Support
  • Step 7: Deployment

What is your pricing model?

Vibidsoft has four (4) pricing models that cater to the unique requirements of different businesses. The segregation is to help our clients choose the model that best suits their budget. The pricing models are arranged into the following categories.

  • Fixed Pricing Model
  • Time & Material Model
  • Dedicated Resources Model
  • Hybrid Model

How do we communicate with the project development team?

You can contact the team through e-mail, chat and telephonic conversations. In the case of hired developers, we advise our clients to fix a daily time for communication in order to ensure constant availability, although they are of course at your service throughout the working hours.

Does vibidsoft have a money-back or refund policy?

Yes, Vibidsoft does have a money-back policy in case the client is not thoroughly satisfied. However, we are very proud to report that with over 100 clients served, no client has ever asked to make use of this policy. To gain more information regarding this, you are welcome to contact our sales team for a discussion on the same.

What services does vibidsoft specialize in?

  • Web Development Services
  • Web Design Services
  • e-Commerce Website Development Services
  • e-Commerce Web Design Services
  • SEO & Internet Marketing Services
  • Open Source Development Services – Magento, Drupal, Joomla, Moodle, Etc.
  • Social Platform Development Services
  • Support & Maintenance Services Across all Platforms

Do you provide code documentation?

Vibidsoft has a very thorough and profession methodology. We do not consider a project complete until and unless A project is not deemed complete until proper documentation is provided. We believe it is our professional responsibility to provide well-documented code. It also helps us in future projects to enhance functionality if and when the Client requires it.

Do you sign non-disclosure agreements?

Yes, we do. Occasionally, a client wishes to keep project information personal and undisclosed. For such cases, we offer to sign a thorough Non Disclosure Agreement with the client. Additionally, due to the high level of professionalism in our employees and our security systems, your project information is always kept safe and secure.

What payment terms does vibidsoft have in place?

Vibidsoft has highly customized and flexible payment terms for client comfort. For small scale projects, we accept 50% of the total cost upfront, while the remainder can be payed upon project completion.
In the case of larger and more complex projects, we create a project-specific custom payment sheet based on factors like project scope, requirements and delivery date.

How long will vibidsoft take to finish project?

Project completion date is affected by a number of factors like size, scope, requirements and complexity of the project. In the case of website development, the delivery schedule depends on the development platform, whether it is a static or dynamic website, etc. However, Vibidsoft provides excellent delivery schedules that are flexible based on client preferences.

How will vibidsoft deliver my project once it is completed?

Upon completion of the project, we send it for your approval on our testing servers for QA and testing. Once you approve the deliverables and complete the payment formalities, we deploy it to your live servers with more QA and testing. We do not levy additional charges for live deployment.

Do i receive the copyrights for my project?

Upon delivery of the final payment, we transfer all rights to the project to you. It is solely your property and we reserve no rights to it. We also ask for your permission to use the project for our portfolio and case study.

How is vibidsoft different from other outsourcing software companies?

The approach we use allows us to develop more reliable solutions in less time and with less developers, thus saving your time and budget. All our developers are highly skilled and experienced specialists. All the software projects we have been involved in have been successfully completed. We can be easily contacted at any stage of the development process – moreover, you follow this process right from the start and until you obtain a completed solution and can provide feedback thus being in full control.

How do you handle change request and changes in project scope?

We use an efficient change management procedure for any changes in the project. For minor ongoing changes in the running project, the changes are communicated to the project manager concerned, who gets them executed. If the changes are significant and can greatly add to the work-load that has been estimated at the beginning of the project, we scope creep the project again and submit the revised quote, for acceptance to the client.

Do you offer mobile device compatible websites and designs?

We provide top-notch responsive design services at extremely competitive rates. Our responsive web designs are guaranteed to work on every mobile platform to utmost satisfaction.

Is it possible for you to make minor or major changes to a website created by someone else?

Yes, we can. Our programmers and developers are well versed in a wide range of technologies and can provide assistance in the maintenance and further development of any website. Unless your website is built on a rare or obscure platform, we will most certainly be able to help you out.

Can i hire developers to work for my timezone?

Our working hours are from 9:30 IST to 19:00 IST, Monday through Friday, during which time the selected developer will work for you. However, we cater to special requests and make developers available to you during for your timezone, after subsequent discussions.

Please explain the "Hire Dedicated Developer" concept?

“Hire Dedicated Developer” is a unique concept in software outsourcing. Under this facility, you can setup your own offshore development team without any infrastructure or setup costs. The team works exclusively on your projects from a remote location, in our case from India. Geographical or timezone boundaries do not affect the progress and implementation of your project as the team can get in touch with you every day for task assignment and status reporting. You can hire one single developer or a team of developers, depending upon your project specifications, time limit and budget. Hence this powerful business model lets you expand your team as per requirements, at affordable costs and without any investments on infrastructure and hiring.

Do the developer(s) sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)?

Yes, our developers are bound by their contract to maintain confidentiality regarding company affairs. They also sigh NDAs that have very strict penalty clauses.

Do I pay for a developer’s vacation, leaves or holidays?

No, our clients are not charged for a developers leaves or vacations except in the case of allotted company offs and national holidays.