There’s nothing better than getting access to the best possible taxi service and enhancing the experience of your ride back home. Recreating uber taxi app experience, vibidsoft has developed Uber like passenger app that is technologically enhanced and rich with features.

Reason for Apps like Uber:

Uber is a top notch taxi service app that has created a fervor among the users of cab service. Creating apps like Uber clones has its own set of benefits. With the taxi booking app in our possession, we can include the features that are locally acceptable and demanded. We can even introduce a larger database that would support more people from the local front. The taxi cabs apps can be customized to match your requirement in cost effective manner.

Features of Uber:

  • Easy Registration that enables users to register and use this app with their mobiles.
  • Cab type can be selected with ease by providing details on budget, passenger number etc.
  • Google places and maps can be used as an indicator for pickup and drop places.
  • Users can calculate the fare easily using this app.
  • Auto payment feature is made available which allows users to register their cards and automate the payments.
  • Tracking feature is made available on real time basis. You can check who your driver is, where is at present etc. using this app.
  • Drivers can accept or reject a request sent to their phones.
  • GPS is available in the form of voice activated navigation app.
  • Driver can keep a tab on the number of requests they have accepted and other details related to the service.
  • The app also contains analytics features along with stored invoices enabling tracking of payment and other things.


We have a fixed budget of $2000. Can we create Uber clone in that budget?
The costing of creating and executing a Uber like app is more than $12k-$15k. We won’t be able to deliver the promised quality of app in the budget that has been specified by you. We need to create an app that is distinct from those available in the marketplace, and for that a fixed budget won’t work.

Can you elaborate over the timeline and budget of creating Uber like passenger app?

We would need to analyse devise the project scope and document it according to your requirements before we get on with defining either the cost of the timeline for creating such an app for your company. In case of budget constraints, we guide you through to the best MVP in the market that will get the best app without compromising on quality.

Does this app work across platforms?
Our Uber clones are well versed with all sorts of platform. We enable the apps to work with Android, iOS etc. They can work across native as well as cross platform.

What would be better: A single app for both drivers and customers or a separate app for both?
It completely depends on the kind of business environment you are working on. In some cases the businesses require their drivers and customers to register using a single application while some others define a different working style.

Can the drivers and customers communicate over chat with each other?
Yes this possibility is available with the Uber app android and iOS.

If you are looking for clone of uber or need an app for taxi business e-mail us at