Node.js 10.0.0 has been discharged, and can become the platform’s LTS line in October 2018, because the LTS line will be supported for 3 years.

Version 10.0.0 add supports for the OpenSSL 1.1.0 security toolkit however focuses in the main on progressive enhancements. Also, while Node.js 10.0.0 ships with NPM 5.7, the 10.x line are going to be upgraded to NPM Version six later which can provide performance, stability, and security enhancements.

New Features in Node.js 10:

  • N-API (Node.js API), that moves from beta to a stable version, and provides a stable module API independent of changes within the V8 JavaScript engine underlying Node.js. The API helps module maintainers and production deployments, creating upgrades easier.
  • JavaScript language enhancements, together with prototype.toString(), that currently returns precise slices of ASCII text file, and mitigations for side-channel vulnerabilities to forestall data leaks.
  • Error-handling enhancements, with adoption of error codes to ease constant error-checking.
  • Performance boosts via V8, together with the async generator and array.
  • Increased visibility into code performance problems via trace events, with the 10.0.0 release.
  • An API within the 10.0.0 unleash permits user code to modify and disable trace events on demand at runtime, for improved flexibility in identification problems in applications.

Later versions of the Node.js 10.x line area unit expected to offer:

  • HTTP/2, a higher-performing successor to hypertext transfer protocol (http).
  • Better support of ECMAScript (ES) six modules. Node.js has had its own module system, however ECMAScript six offers a homogenous module system. The setup is to produce a browser-compatible ECMAScript six implementation that coexists with the present Node.js modules.

The following options area unit expected to arrive in Node.js 11.x:

  • Better diagnostic capabilities that is turning into additional necessary space as Node.js is progressively utilized in production applications.
  • Use of JavaScript guarantees within the Node.js core, providing a better fit developers UN agency wish to use promise-type APIs.
  • Support for additional build/automation infrastructure, with extra support for tools and scripts. Support for newer operating systems would be another whereas older OSes would be born.

Other efforts within the Node.js project, indirectly tied to the Node.js 10.x or Node.js 11.x unleash lines, include:

  • Continuous improvement on security sorting for third-party NPM modules.
  • Functional testing for third-party modules, to confirm that dependencies are maintained in better way.


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