Technology is changing very rapidly and there is always something new in this field. Researchers and Scientists working intense fully to invent something new, creative, that is never heard of and delight us at unique grounds.

Let’s see few latest technologies.

Self-Driving Auto-mobile
Google Self Driving Car
Now a day, you must hear that Google is approached to self-driving car concept. Google’s self-car driving project; in which car will drive without any driver, and it’s highly reliable. There is in-built navigation system and they are coded with troublesome scenarios of the streets. With the advantage of sensor and software these cars are designed to drive around with different scenarios such as pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles and more.

Foldable Screens

Foldable Screen

You must be amaze if you see the roll in someone’s hand, is a LED Screen! Samsung, Sony, and other manufacturers have already confessed about flexible screens and they already came up with this idea in the market with an 18-inch display screen that can be rolled-up like a newspaper.

Fully Connected House

Smart Home

There is a technology by which one can connect your whole house with the internet. You can operate different things with the single touch from your smart phones, like operating kitchen lights sitting in your bedroom! This kind of home is nothing but the smart home just like our smart phones. Feeling Amaze right! But it’s not stopping here still two to go.

Quantum Computing

Quantom Computing

In quantum computing, every parts of that code can be gate and handled at the same become pass. This means the handling and delivery of data will made us exponentially faster than what we ‘as soon as reference to generally used to. Quantum computing is basically harnessing and exploiting the amazing laws of quantum mechanics to process opinion. A quantum computer uses quantum bits, or Qubits instead of using long strings of bits encoded as soon as a zero or a one. Qubits acts quantum and sanction us to capitalize around the phenomena of superposition and entanglement.

5D Data Storage

5-D Storage

5D Data Storage is a technique to store digital files in five dimensions. This current improvement in storage technology is capable of saving 360TB data for billions of years. Inventors have predicted very roughly 5D Optical Memories, that it can retain data for 13.8Bn years if it is kept in 1900C.