Updating your website is essential to the trustworthiness of the business. The performance of the site also depends up on the updated site. Your website is your duty to look after and if nurtured properly you may get better the benefits!

Here are 6 great reasons which will tell us why it’s important to keep our site up to date!!


Security is not one of the interesting points for the person who has technically less knowledge but it’s one of the most important reasons to look at. There are lots of websites which get hacked on a daily basis. From this hacked site some are taken care quickly, others can be exploited for months or even years without knowing.

Internet security is continuously changing and you may think that ‘it won’t happen to me’ but it will. There are lots of reasons for which your site may hack. They can be used for spamming different things you wouldn’t want to show on your website. Every day new defects are found which needs to be taken care of, that is why it’s very important to make sure that your website coding is looked after by professionals.

If your website is built by a software companies or by a freelancers, it’s important to classify the future of your website and remember to include security in your website updates and rebuilds.


There are many metaphorical factors of SEO and none other than Google’s algorithm designers know the precise details of how Google renders its search rankings. If we did we could take advantage of it.

Having a website which is up-to-date, benefits your website security and ranking. Google searches for relevant content – and fresh relevant content is added advantage. Having content that is handy to Google helps you to find through the billions of websites it indexes for every search. But how Google know what is good content?

Based on the rate of occurrence your website is updated with good content, you could probably become a great root of information for a category of search terms.

If your website remains static for a long period of time, your visitors will lose the interest in your site.

3.Responsive web design

In today’s trend visitor visits different website more from their smart phones, iPad, tablets then the desktops or laptops. With the improvement of technology, your website will be used on a desktop computer is falling, whereas mobile apps and tablets are rising.

2016 is estimated to be a peak of mobile web use and unlikely the current mobile web has many differences to your PC. Just For an example, flash not being supported.

It is important that your website not only looks good on all desktop but also look good on mobile with good user-friendliness. If your website is not optimised for different devices there is a strong possibility that your website may not even display in Google search.

If you have decided that you want to rebuild your website, two very good options are WordPress and Joomla. Most themes created are versatile which is mobile optimised and compatible with all different devices.


You website is a face of your business and it’s a way of connecting with a company. Visitors like to do online research to see whether you are worthy enough to contact further. It’s important to recognise this in today’s market. If you want to your website successful you need to engage the people with different activities which will simply develop a loyalty in your customers.

Everybody likes to read online reviews before buying any product. If anyone has to make an important decision on a company he/she will most likely look them up first. With the help of social media like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit– customers talk and recommend freely.


We all do networking in different ways. Many websites take advantage of social networking. I prefer to build relationships by meeting socially, at conferences with this in mind that to hand out business cards for website that had the most recently updated article from 2012. That wouldn’t give the right impression and that first website visit counts.

Your visitors required to know that, you are organised and eager about your website, this reflects on your business. How you prefer to visit a website for a second time when it hasn’t been updated in a while? Would you go to the cinema to see an old film again and again? A website is an investment and a great networking tool too.

6.Tracking your performance

A website is a precious tool, if used to all its advantages. Updating your website with new items can tell you a lot about your customers as well. Your website can help you discover successful sales campaigns, buying patterns, the possibilities are endless.

If you are not familiar with this take a look at Google analytics.

Blogging is as popular as ever now and will help you too. So take interest in your website, update the content, add new pictures, and optimise your site to be fast and secure. These are all things that will help you get noticed.

Website development companies play a huge part too. You always have options when selecting the right development packages for you, the most important factor should always be the quality of website. It is important that you ask questions about your website, the servers you are on, and what country you are hosted in.

So if you want to update your website or want to redevelop your website consider all these things. We can help you out in both the way. If you have any question call us on +19094750113 or drop an e-mail on [email protected] and will contact you within 24 hours.