One of the biggest challenges for Indian Government is Women safety. As India is growing it is very important for government to provide safe environment to women. There are lots of safety apps on the play store developed for the security of women. Therefore on this International Women’s day we are here with the list of best 5 safety apps for women, this will ensure that they are not alone anywhere they go.

Let’s have a look and download the one you like the most:


Raksha – women safety alert

Raksha App


The app comes with a button, which will send alerts to your some of the chosen contacts with your location in a situation of distress. One can select the contacts from their contact list and that contacts will be able to see the location. Even though the app is off once can send alerts by simply pressing volume key for three seconds.

The app has SOS functionality and can also send SMS if stuck in the area where user don’t have access to the internet.




Safetipin is one of the best options when it comes to safety apps for women. The app is designed and developed by keeping in mind of personal safety. This app has the features like GPS tracking, emergency contact numbers, and directions to safe locations.

This app also pins the safe areas with their safety scores to go at the time of any problem. User can pin unsafe areas and help others. This app is available in multiple languages like Hindi, Bahasa, Spanish and English.




Delhi police is putting lots of efforts in women safety and have come up with this amazing app call Himmat. User need to register them self on Delhi Police website to use this application. To do complete configuration of the app user need to add an OTP during the configuration process.

User can use SOS alert in any trouble making situations and the location information and audio video will be directly
transmitted to the Delhi Police control room and by following
that police can reach to particular location.


Women safety

The next on our list is “Women Safety” app that will inform and update your loved ones if you are stuck at unsafe place. That will send all the details related to your location with just a tap of a button. This will send a SMS to the preconfigured number with user’s location and a link of Google Maps. When all this process is going on this app will also click two pictures with the front and rear camera, which will directly uploaded to the server.

There are three coloured buttons based on the seriousness of a situation. So, user can tap the any one of them as per their situation.


The bSafe application is to ensure the safety and security of women. It allows chosen contacts to follow you through a live GPS trail and also set a timed alarm which goes off if you haven’t ‘checked in’. This app has an unique functionality of fake call by which your phone will ring and also notifies the emergency contacts with the location, video and even siren.

Apart from this, there is a Guardian Alert button, which will immediately tell your friends or family members with the GPS location and video during the time of unsafe situation.

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Once again A Very Happy Women’s Day from Vibidsoft Family