I prefer to use and experience the native app from app store much more than the web app on mobile devices. Web apps are running inside the browsers of your phones like Internet Explorer, Safari, and Chrome in place of app store or Google play.I am also against hybrid apps, which are typically web apps in native app code wrappers. The performance and speed of hybrid apps are lower than the native apps.

Though, I am sharing probable benefits of web app on mobile in this article.I have brutally cleared different apps from my phone few weeks ago. I tried to cut down the number of apps to 25 in total which might be not enough for the smart phone.
For this I replaced a few with app with alternative web apps or websites that could live in my browser. For instance, I’m using Facebook web instead of Facebook app, and I deleted different shopping apps like snap deal, Amazon, Lime road and by doing this, here are some of the things to consider when deciding which way to go.

App stores

Downloading an app from store is a usual process for most of the people, and they’ll apparently expect to find your app on Google play or Apple Store.

You need to submit native apps on both each stores, and this may be part of the reason for the hybrid appsI mentioned earlier.

User needs to put extra efforts to find and install an app from the store but its easy and known process for everyone. Also if people are using short-cuts of your web app to their home screen that they might find it inconvenient.

On the other hand, building a web app means you are the one who control the “update” process. Each and every person who uses your app has the latest version without any extra efforts from them. With the native apps you have to support different versions and you also need to wait for user or people to install the new updates.

Internet connection

To run the web app user must have a connection to internet. Even though you are using cookies and catch but that will not give smooth user experience which is easily possible in mobile app. Many native apps need to connect the internet, but their responsiveness is much better thana web app.

First of all you need internet connection to download a native app. Generally I do this at home where I can connect to Wi-Fi so I don’t need to use my mobile data connection, but it’s becoming more common to download apps when you’re out. Many shops and restaurants are providing deals on mobile apps so that you download their app when you’re in-store.


You can provide web app on multiple platforms because people only need a web browser. On the other hand for native apps, it takes a lot of effort and development skills for each platform. Its common these days to see lots of apps released for Android only and in future with iOS. Developing for more than one platform takes significant time.

Features specific to operating systems

Native apps can easily access native systems features which are out of reach for web apps. For an example, push notifications or running your app in the background. Web apps are getting more extra workaround options for features like notifications, while in hybrid apps you can often access fully native features while essentially existing as a web app in a wrapper. The basic question over here is whether an extra workaround is good enough, and which specific features you need access to.


A native app in stores puts you inside an ecosystem which means you are not able to control whole user experience, because you have to deal with gatekeepers who review your app and set barrier on some features. You have to obey the rules of each platform to provide your services. With the help of web app you can omit the ecosystem and deal straight forward with your users.

Your strengths

Native apps requires more time and more specialized skill set for development, while considering a web app, takes less time but you may need to give up on some performance advantages.

It is difficult to find the right option for you, because there are benefits to both the approach. If you want to choose the platform kindly consider your team’s strengths and the benefits that are most important for your app. It is very crucial for your particular app, so you need to choose based up on what your preferences are.

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