There are few positive impacts and few negative impacts of this H1B Visa Bill. I have mentioned few which come into my mind when I have seen the news.

Let’s see Positive impacts first:

  • Increase in off-shoring or outsourcing work rather than onsite work OR Increase in jobs to the local population in USA
  • Increase in opportunities to freelancing work or small startups that can show up their skills and can help US IT companies from India.

And Now Negative Impacts:

  • There is going to be a mass departure of employed folks H1-B Visa
  • There will be massive reduction in onsite opportunities for Indian IT professionals as minimum wage is US$1,30,000
  • There is a huge impact on business of Big IT companies of India. And we can see that in the stocks of Indian IT Companies.
  • As many people will come back to India, supply of skilled labour will go hire then its demand in India which will impact the salaries in India.

I can say that “Who will have more skills than average skills will be able to survive in India or even in USA too”.

Share your thoughts on “how H1B Visa bill will impact Indian IT Industry”. Would love to here and discuss.
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