Every organization has its goal to grow, so the mobile application development companies. In our first article we mentioned about 5 must things before creating an application but what we can do to increase the revenue after developed application. We can use different marketing or advertisement tools to generate the revenue apart from application with small amount of charge.

Adrally tool is an extension of FuseBoxx from Fuse Powered which allows mobile game and application publisher to deal with much more networks.

Ad-mediation tool is used by Adrally to integrate with game in automation process. It allows you to take around 30 ad networks. It also let developers to segment there target audience and also gives different ad to different user.

Jon Walsh, the chief executive of Fuse Powered said that “We saw this as a confusing part of the market, especially for our publishers, and that’s how Ad Rally came to be, our mandate is to solve these problems for our customers”

Fuse Powered networks gives single check to every publisher each month so it’s easy for publisher to manage more ad networks. It allows publisher to increase the revenue up to 300%.

Share your thoughts with other tools and extensions which you think can be use for advertising.