When it comes to business website and digital marketing we always prefer to have a WordPress website. Here in Vibidsoft also we are using WordPress and also suggest many of our clients who just wants to showcase the their business and also wants to do digital marketing. WordPress is always on top when it comes to digital marketing due to its building tool and with this most of the world will agree.

All the major players all around the world choose WordPress for a reasons like easy to use, affordable, and already optimized for SEO. So we are going to give you the reasons why we need to choose WordPress for the digital marketing.

WordPress comes Free of Cost:

Yes you heard it right! WordPress is free. There are other cost which are associated with your website like Hosting with WordPress, Upgrade to higher Template. If you are not even a technical person you can use this and mange this with free templates.

Optimized Websites for Search Engines:

Google loves WordPress sites and this the one of obvious reason to choose WordPress. WordPress have clean and easy to read code which makes your website to crawl and help to give get good Google index. There are different free and paid plug-ins which can help you make your website search engines friendly.

Responsive themes for Mobile Optimized View:

There are number of  responsive themes available for WordPress that scale to fit any of screen. So when it comes to traffic via Mobile, Laptops, iPads and desktop you will never going to miss out any one.

Blogs and Social Media:

WordPress was built as a blogging platform and adapt different features as per the demand of users. So yes WordPress support Blogs which is very useful for digital marketing. WordPress allows you to easily connect with all your social media platforms or accounts so that you can easily share the content with your followers. Your site visitors can share, comment, like and otherwise engage with anything they really like on your site.

Analytics and Tracking:

When you are doing any kind of marketing Analytics and Tracking is going to be the great essence. Analytics can help us to improve and will tell us where we are doing the right things. As I told you Google loves WordPress, there are lots of ready to use free tracking and analytics tools available. Also Any WordPress site have an analytics panel which will tell you how many people have visited your site, and how often. If you’re looking to optimize the traffic to your site, WordPress is a powerful, free tool to take advantage of.

Flexibility and Customization:

WordPress has more than 55000 free plug-ins, which means if you want to change or upgrade within your website there are lots of plug-ins available and can use it very easily. This gives you flexibility to change your site to fit with unique needs without knowing any codes or technical language.

If you think WordPress might be the right CMS for you, but you’re not quite sure how to get started don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Vibidsoft. We own many WordPress sites and also helping so many clients with WordPress. If you want to schedule a call to understand your need reach to us at inquiry.