Moodle stands for Learning management system (LMS) purpose and it free open source software come with bunch of pedagogical principles which will help educator to learn via online platform. In some areas Moodle is known as Virtual Learning Environment as well. It is the acronym of Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment.
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Recently, Moodle released their latest version on November 19th, bringing in new features and functionalities that improve the learning experiences. The latest version focuses on the community requested improvements, forum enhancements, learning analytics functionalities and also a first stage H5P integration.

Let’s discuss the features in details:

Forum Enhancement and refined forum activity

1- Student Forum Grading

  • The improved forum activity allows teachers to easily evaluate student contributions directly from their posts
  • New update will have variety of grading system including rubrics too.
  • To free up space, the discussions will be viewed in context as well as grading panel can be collapse.
  • There will be a feature to export whole forum discussions
  • Teachers will be able to have quick glance at important data similar to forum activity for each and every students such as how many discussions they have initiated, how many acknowledgement are there, their most recent posts, can count words and character if it’s enabled, along with other useful data.

Synergistic content to escalate student engagement

2- H5PStudentView

  • Moodle 3.8 allows teachers to easily incorporate synergistic multimedia content from the open-source H5P project into areas such as Pages, Books and Labels due to integration of Moodle and H5P.
  • With the new H5P button in the Atto editor teachers can link to or upload a variety of quizzes, presentations, video exercises and more.

Increase course engagement with Learning Analytics insights

3- Docs Insight Report

  • Moodle 3.8 comes up with two new analytics insights features which allow teachers to comfortably observe and connect with students who have not obtain the course.

Enhancement in communication by implementing Emoji

4- MessagingEmoji

  • Moodle 3.8 enable emoji support in communication.
  • Every users can utilize those emoji in private messaging, as well as in the Atto text editor within Moodle courses.

Search and filter like a pro! 

5- courseCustomFieldFilter

  • Everyone can search their courses more comfortably on the dashboard, filtering them by course type or course custom field.
  • For Admin, automated course backups are now processed in a logical order with the option to exclude course files.

Do you want further information on Moodle 3.8?

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